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Helvetia Katzenversicherung

Cat insurance. Optimum protection for your kitty.

Luna enjoys going out to explore, but over the past few days she has just been lying on the sofa and refusing to eat or drink. Helvetia cat insurance provides financial cover if your cat falls ill or has an accident.
Free choice of vet
Cat accident insurance with no age limit
Cat health insurance
Worldwide insurance cover
Up to two cats are insured under a single contract

What benefits does cat insurance provide?

With cat insurance, you can get the best possible medical care for your four-legged friend without having to worry about the cost. You can take out cat health insurance and accident insurance separately or combined.

Helvetia pays:
  • Veterinary bills
  • Surgery costs
  • Radiological examinations and treatments
  • Inpatient treatments and hospitals stays
  • Emergency transport by a veterinary ambulance
  • Necessary euthanasia
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medicines and homoeopathic treatments

No small print: When does the cat insurance pay up, and when does it not?

Your cat insurance will pay if ...

… your cat clearly came off worse in a nocturnal fight with another cat.

… your cat eats something strange during a walk and suffers poisoning as a result.

… your cat suddenly jumps into the road and is hit by a vehicle.

… your cat is discovered to have a tumour or an illness.

…your cat is injured during transportation.

Your cat insurance will not pay if ...

… your cat is already ill at the time the contract is concluded or had suffered the accident before conclusion.

... your cat is injured by another person or another animal. In such cases, the liability insurance of the person responsible or of the animal’s owner pays.

... your cat needs vaccination.

... your cat is having kittens and therefore needs treatment.

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