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Versicherung für Elektroautos

Insurance for electric cars. Optimum protection for your plug-in hybrid or e-car.

Do you support climate-friendly mobility for the future? We think that's great and therefore offer not only the right insurance coverage for you and your electric car but also less expensive premiums for environmentally friendly cars.
ProClima bonus for environmentally friendly cars
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The benefits of car insurance

When choosing a car insurance policy, the focus is always on your personal safety needs as well as on the vehicle you want to insure. In addition to compulsory third-party liability insurance, our experts also recommend taking out partial casco or comprehensive insurance, depending on your car.

Increase your cover to give you the extra protection you need.

Damage to a parked vehicle

If your parked car is damaged by unknown persons, we won’t leave you in the lurch.

Unlimited accessories

Does your vehicle have some attractive, high-value equipment? Then it’s worth taking out unlimited cover for your accessories to avoid being underinsured.

Tyre damage

With this add-on, we cover the cost of damage to tyres caused by nails, kerbs, sharp objects or vandalism/malicious damage.


In the event of a claim, you not only benefit from our quick and easy all-round service, but also from other advantages of our expert partner companies.

Transported personal belongings

Protects your property in the car up to a value of CHF 5,000 against damage and destruction.

Bonus protection

With bonus protection, you keep your bonus level after the first claim of the year. With BonusProtectionPLUS, you keep your bonus no matter how many claims you make in a year.

Current value supplement insurance

In the event of a total loss, you receive at least 10% more than your vehicle’s actual current value.


Adds cover for breakage of all components made of glass or glass substitutes, such as headlights, rear-view mirrors and light bulbs.

Waiver of right of recourse in cases of gross negligence

Helvetia will not claim any money back if you cause an accident through gross negligence, for example while distracted by your mobile phone.

Passenger accident insurance

Covers personal injuries suffered by the driver and passengers in the event of an accident. Pets such as dogs and cats are also covered.

Play it safe with our services

Our optional service package includes a premium waiver in the event of incapacity to earn, legal protection in the event of disputes relating to a vehicle and an STI update guarantee.

Our services

You can enjoy even better protection with our optional services, tailored to your needs.

Premium waiver

If you are unable to work, you no longer have to pay insurance premiums, but do continue to enjoy full insurance cover.

Legal protection for your vehicle

In the event of contractual disputes e.g. with your leasing company or relating to the purchase/sale of your motorcycle, we support you with our legal protection insurance.

Update guarantee

We always settle your claim in accordance with the latest insurance terms that are best for you.

Psychological follow-up support

We will assist you after a traumatic event, such as an accident, and will arrange for support from the right expert.

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Take advantage of a 15% online discount on your first annual premium now.

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