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Charging station for rental properties and condos

12.10.2021 | Simon Gantner
A home charger offers considerable convenience. People who rent or live in a condominium cannot make these decisions on their own, however. Read how the purchase can work and how you can solve the issue of cost-sharing.

Charging station for tenants

Who pays for the charging station?

First of all, ask your landlord or building manager whether you can set up your own wall box. If you get the green light, you will need to clarify the costs. In the best case, the landlord or management company pays all expenses. Otherwise, the costs can be included in the rent. Most of the time, however, the tenant concerned must contribute to the costs or even pay for the entire charging station. Be sure to discuss the subject of costs in advance. At the same time, ask any questions relating to insuring the charging station.

Ideally, several tenants would want to use the charging station. In this case, it makes sense to split the acquisition costs. You should clarify the need with your neighbours.

Moving out: what happens to the charging station?

If you have contributed financially to a station or paid for it entirely as a tenant, you must clarify what will happen to the charging station when you move out. The landlord can, for example, demand that the entire station be dismantled and removed. If the charging station is to remain in the property after moving out, you are entitled to claim compensation for added value. Be sure to discuss this well in advance if you are planning a move.

Charging station and condominium ownership

The owners decide

Properties in a condominium usually have a shared garage. If you wish to set up your own charging station there, you will need approval from the owners' group. It is possible that you are not the only one who needs this, and an overall concept for the property can be worked out.

Condominium owners usually know the rules for decision-making: A measure is graded either necessary, useful or luxury and – depending on the grade – requires different voting majorities. Retrofitting a charging station is certainly considered useful, but is not a necessary structural measure.

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