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Third party liability. The minimum cover required by law.

Third party liability protects you when you accidentally cause injury or damage to another person with your car. Every vehicle keeper in Switzerland is required to have motor liability insurance.
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What benefits does third party liability provide?

Helvetia’s motor liability insurance covers the costs of injury to persons and animals and damage to property caused by the insured vehicle. Costs can mount quickly, especially when other people are injured in an accident that you cause.

Motor liability insurance also covers loss prevention costs, helps you contest unjustified claims for compensation and provides insurance cover for environmental damage. The latter can arise, for instance, if your car goes off the road in an accident, causing oil or petrol to seep into agricultural land.

Is third party liability insurance enough on its own?

To ensure optimal cover for your car, it is worth taking out partially or fully comprehensive insurance as well. That way you are covered if, for example, someone breaks open your vehicle or if it is damaged by hail, falling rocks or martens.

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