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Travel costs refunded

Harald H., who is originally from the Netherlands, wanted to visit his friends and family in his home country over Easter. The coronavirus crisis meant that he had to call off his trip. He was able to cancel his hotel, but Harald H. was not refunded the full amount. Helvetia supported him and paid the difference.
18.06.2020, photo: Deposit
«We were really pleasantly surprised that Helvetia was willing to cover the rest of the costs.»
Harald H., Expat from the Netherlands

«When we moved to Switzerland, Helvetia was recommended to me as a good insurance company by my colleagues. I can wholeheartedly endorse the company. The process was really easy and extremely fast. I could file the claim online and within 48 hours, the money was paid on my account. This is the third time that we had to make a claim to Helvetia. In all of these cases, the process was easy and fast.»