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Three questions for Edo Löw, Festival Manager and President of Blues Festival Basel

24.07.2020, photo: z.V.g.

How has the coronavirus crisis affected the Blues Festival Basel?

Owing to the ban on large events we had to postpone the 21st edition of Blues Festival Basel, scheduled for 21-26 April, at short notice. Postponing this established Blues Festival at short notice – the first time we have had to do it – came as a shock for all involved in the organization, for the fans and for our partners. But then we used the time to develop new ideas for future festivals.

Did you do or are you doing something special for yourself in these unusual times?

There was a lot more time for sport and family activities at home, and everything slowed down, which was certainly a positive development.

What are you looking forward to the most when things get back to normal? Or How did you experience the end of the lockdown? 

During the lockdown I came to appreciate the high quality of life in Switzerland and looked forward to meeting friends again in person.