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Together with MoneyPark, Helvetia is now offering its customers a unique mortgage range

Helvetia Insurance is reinforcing its sales capacity in the area of mortgages and is now combining the strengths of its own sales force with those of MoneyPark. Helvetia's mortgage customers will in future be served by a team of advisors – working exclusively for Helvetia – from MoneyPark, Switzerland's largest independent mortgage broker. This will provide Helvetia customers with an even greater product range. It will also give Helvetia the opportunity to exploit market potential in a more targeted way while offering highly competitive mortgage solutions to its customer base.
22.01.2019 | Media releases
From early April onwards, Helvetia Insurance will be combining the strengths of its own mortgage sales force with those of MoneyPark, Switzerland's largest independent mortgage broker. If a Helvetia customer requires a mortgage consultation, this will in future be carried out in a Helvetia agency by a MoneyPark advisor working exclusively for Helvetia. In the process, the customer will receive independent advice from MoneyPark and benefit from access to Switzerland's largest selection of providers by far, as well as all mortgage models available on the market. For further insurance needs relating to the acquisition of property, such as indirect mortgage repayment through life insurance or buildings insurance, the Helvetia customer advisor will supplement the mortgage solution with suitable advice and product solutions. Through its joint sales approach, Helvetia will not only provide its customers with a considerably larger mortgage offering, but also take full advantage of its market potential. MoneyPark will continue to operate entirely independently on the market under its own brand.
"By combining our sales approach with MoneyPark, we can offer our customers the best possible independent mortgage consulting with the best conditions. This offering is unique on the market. It also enables us to fully exploit the market potential of our own sales network and the numerous customer contacts of our approximately 900 customer advisors in the mortgage business segment", explains Ralph Honegger, CIO of the Helvetia Group. Previously, Helvetia frequently had to turn away customers interested in a mortgage, since either the model they required was unavailable or Helvetia's limited mortgage capacities were already fully occupied as a result of regulatory restrictions. "Thanks to Helvetia's considerable sales capacity, MoneyPark is gaining access to an attractive selection of customers and can now enhance its leading position in the mortgage business segment", adds Stefan Heitmann, founder and CEO of MoneyPark. Six years after it was founded, MoneyPark is now the fourth largest provider in Switzerland in terms of new mortgages.
Mortgages remain an important asset class
The pooling of sales capacity with MoneyPark will have no effect on the strategic focus of the mortgages asset class. "For Helvetia, mortgages remain an important asset class, and their significance is set to increase in future. Helvetia is one of over 100 product partners collaborating with MoneyPark", explains Ralph Honegger.

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