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Art across several storeys

Vollkasko – Christine Streuli
Vollkasko – Christine Streuli
Vollkasko – Christine Streuli
Steinengraben in Basel has been enhanced by an attractive new artwork. In an office and residential building, Berlin-based Swiss artist Christine Streuli has created a spectacular wall painting that is visible through the building’s glass façade.
Vollkasko – Christine Streuli

Created using a painstaking stencilling technique, the eye-catching painting stretches up over five floors.

A bright and friendly vertical-stripe pattern is interrupted by a huge splash of white paint, on top of which is another immense inky blue splash. The work is entitled “Vollkasko” (Fully comprehensive). The huge splashes of colour simulate what could be the result of tipping over giant pots of paint. Spatter marks on walls are generally a sign of accidents, vandalism, soiling and damage. But colourful spatters are also an important part of the vocabulary of painting, which encompasses colour, form, gesture, energy and dynamics.

The title “Vollkasko” is a tongue-in-cheek allusion to this ambiguity – after all, fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to objects that are new and usually valuable.