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Helvetia ELM for LOB. HR administration can be this efficient.

Automated data exchange with our LOB customers for LOB-related HR and salary amendments.
Lean administrative processes with one-time data entry
Reduce sources of errors through simple application
Saves time
Maximum data security
Step by step to ELM for LOB
Step 1

Check the ERP system version with your software provider and – if necessary – plan to update to the latest version.

Step 2

Start BVGonline and call up the insurance profile.

Step 3

Enter the details from the insurance profile (data recipients and LOB codes for all employees) in your payroll accounting software.

Step 4

For LOB-related amendments that you wish to report via EPL, select Helvetia as the data recipient in your payroll accounting software.

Step 5

The data will be transmitted to us directly via Swissdec, and amendments will be processed automatically.

Step 6

In the case of amendments affecting the contribution, the new contributions will be transferred via ELM to your payroll accounting system.

Step 7

You can see the progress of your amendments at all times in your payroll accounting system.

Step 8

You will then find the report slips for completed amendments in BVGonline.