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Helvetia Flottenversicherung

Fleet insurance. Protection for your company vehicles.

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Did you bump another car when parking a company car? Did the windscreen glass of your van break? Or was something left behind when you were out with a truck? With Helvetia's fleet insurance, your company vehicles are ideally covered in all cases.
All vehicles insured in a single contract
Automatic contract amendment for new registrations
Modular and therefore customizable to your individual needs
Fast, simple claims processing
No premium increase in the event of a claim
New supplementary insurance Extended Coverage

Here’s how to insure your company fleet

Fleet insurance is suitable for companies that own five or more vehicles. In addition to compulsory liability insurance you can protect your vehicle fleet with full comprehensive or partial comprehensive cover and add a range of optional supplementary insurance components. Accident insurance also provides ideal protection for you and your employees. All vehicles are insured in the same contract. When a new vehicle is added or one is decommissioned, the contract is automatically adapted, saving you time so you can concentrate on your core business.

Increase your cover to give you the extra protection you need.

Our new supplementary insurance
Extended Coverage
We will cover the costs for the first claim in the first year after the cover lapses owing to the vehicle's age.
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If two vehicles from your fleet are involved in an accident we will cover the costs. Convoy trips are also insured.

Damage to a parked vehicle

If your parked motorcycle is damaged by unknown persons, we won’t leave you in the lurch.

Glas Plus

Adds cover for breakage of all components made of glass or glass substitutes, such as headlights, rear-view mirrors and light bulbs.

Personal effects

Protects your personal effects if they are damaged or stolen.

Protective motorcycle clothing

Protects helmets, leathers and coveralls, boots and gloves against theft and damage. Your passenger’s clothing is also insured.

Professional equipment carried in a vehicle

Protects items you need in your job that you carry with you in the vehicle. For example, if your laptop is damaged in an accident.


If your vehicle fleet is damaged in an earthquake or volcanic eruption, you are covered.

Current value supplement

In the event of a total loss, you will receive the replacement value up to the fourth year of operation and thereafter at least 20% more than the actual current value of your vehicle.


Vehicle breakdown? We will provide breakdown assistance, a towing service and organize a replacement vehicle. The coverage is possible for light and heavy motor vehicles in Europe.

Tyre damage

With this add-on, we cover the cost of damage to tyres caused by nails, kerbs, sharp objects or vandalism/malicious damage.

Legal protection

In partnership with Coop Legal Protection we assist you in the event of legal disputes that arise in connection with your vehicle.

Waiver of right of recourse in cases of gross negligence

Helvetia will not claim any money back if you cause an accident through gross negligence, for example while distracted by your mobile phone.

No small print: When does fleet insurance pay up and when does it not?

Your fleet insurance will pay if ...

... you collide with the car in front of you, damaging the other vehicle. (liability)

… your car suffers hail damage during a storm. (partial casco)

... your vehicle is stolen. (partial casco)

… you accidentally scrape against a wall or post. (comprehensive insurance)

... you have a breakdown. (Assistance)

… you are injured in an accident. (accident)

… you are involved in criminal proceedings. (Legal protection)

… a key person is unable to work because he or she is involved in an accident. (Services)

… you fail to stop at a stop sign. (Waiver of right of recourse in cases of gross negligence)

Your fleet insurance will not pay if ...

… you deliberately damage your vehicle.

... you cause damage while participating in races, rallies or similar competitive events.

… you cause damage while driving without a driver’s licence or while driving an unregistered car.

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