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Helvetia Eventversicherung

Event insurance

The right insurance for every event, celebration, concert and stage: proper planning, combined with Helvetia event insurance, will help you to create an unforgettable event.
Protection for the event ma­te­rials (including super­struc­tures, tents, equipment etc.) during the event and transport of insured items to and from the event
Cover for unforeseen and sudden losses that arise in relation to theft, robbery, dest­ruction or damage
Insurance protection also in the event of wilful damage and vandalism One-off deductible for the whole event
Additional costs of urgent and express deliveries, overtime, clearance and salvage costs covered

Why is event insurance important?

Before an event can take place, every organizer invests a lot of time and money in the planning. At the same time, the cost of staff, stage construction, advertising and other measures can quickly mount up. Often, however, risks cannot be avoided, even with perfect planning. With Helvetia event insurance, organisers can better protect themselves.

Event insurance at a glance

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