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Helvetia Transportversicherung

Marine insurance

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The losses that can occur when goods and products are in transit are often substantial, and it is critical that they are dealt with swiftly. Marine insurance insures your goods and products against damage sustained in transit, not just in Switzerland, but anywhere in the world.
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Why is marine insurance important?

Often, neither the consignor nor the recipient can control or foretell the risks to which goods in transit and in storage are exposed. When transported goods and products are destroyed or damaged, in a traffic accident for instance, the financial implications for your business are potentially severe, not to mention the potential for interruption of your operations. Helvetia marine insurance provides comprehensive cover for these financial losses.

Marine insurance at a glance

Which companies need marine insurance?

Marine insurance is especially advisable for companies that regularly ship or temporarily store goods, both nationally and internationally. Whether they transport goods and products themselves or arrange this through other providers is immaterial.

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Which insurance solution is best for your company?

Transport insurance can be taken out as a component of the combination insurance for SMEs and combined with other insurance policies.

As a leading transport insurer in Switzerland, however, Helvetia also offers a variety of individual insurance solutions for transport: