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Helvetia Kautionsversicherung

Sureties and guarantees

Helvetia’s surety insurance takes over joint and several guarantees and warranties given by companies to third parties. This gives companies financial room for manoeuvre and enables them to win the confidence of new customers.
No constraints on companies’ liquidity
No implications for credit limits with banks
Attractive premium rates
Sureties can be applied for quickly and simply

What is a surety insurance policy?

A surety insurance policy covers the risk of bankruptcy on the part of the policyholder. This always involves a three-way transaction between:

  • Policyholder (e.g. construction company)
  • Beneficiary (e.g. commissioning party/client)
  • Insurance company (Helvetia)

The beneficiary requires the policyholder to provide security in the form of a surety or guarantee. Otherwise it may withhold payments or services. The insurance company stands surety for the policyholder.

Who is this policy suitable for?

The surety policy is suitable for companies providing security in the form of a surety or guarantee in order to receive payments or services. Helvetia offers various sureties and guarantees depending on the needs of the policyholder.

Who pays the insurance premium?

The policyholder pays the premium. In the case of open-ended contracts, the policyholder pays the premium annually in advance. In the case of a time-limited surety or guarantee, the policyholder pays in advance for the full duration.

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