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Helvetia Cyber-Versicherung

Cyber Insurance. Protect your business against cyber risks.

The increasing networking of IT equipment, machines and systems raises not only efficiency, but also the risk of cyber crime. Helvetia Cyber Insurance is there if damage occurs despite IT security measures.
Protection against data loss, data manipulation or data protection breaches
Financial compensation if business is interrupted
24/7 cyber claims hotline
Support from Helvetia's network of experts
Discounted community bug test from GObugfree
20% discount with cyber-safe quality seal
Do I need cyber insurance for my business?
Cyber risks insurance makes sense for any company that uses digital data and is connected to the Internet. This effectively includes all companies in Switzerland. There are already cyber risks involved in online banking or Internet telephony. The more a company is networked and the more its business operations depend on a functioning IT system, the more important it is to have cyber protection insurance.

The benefits we offer you

Despite strong preventive IT security precautions and anti-virus programs – there is no such thing as complete IT security. This is why Helvetia Cyber Insurance provides you with the ideal complement in the form of financial cover in the event of a claim.

Helvetia provides support for:

  • Damage analysis
  • Restoration of data and systems
  • Settlement of liability claims
  • Legal advice
  • 24/7 cyber claims hotline operated in cooperation with our partner Compass Security, if agreed in the contract
  • Additional costs to continue data processing
  • Loss of earnings due to a business interruption
  • Notification and reputation management
  • Support in the case of cyber extortion
  • In case of a claim, with professional support from specialized partner companies in the fields of IT, OT, data privacy/legal advice and PR
Prevention. Helvetia Cyber Insurance.

When you take out Helvetia Cyber Insurance you can also benefit from prevention-related offers from our cooperation partners.

No small print: When does our cyber insurance pay up and when does it not?

Your insurance will pay if ...

… you or your employees accidentally install malicious software.

… you become a victim of cyber fraud or cyber extortion.

… you or your employees accidentally pass on confidential data to third parties.

… use of the IT system leads to a legal dispute.

… your company is hit by a hacker attack causing damage to you or your customers.

Your insurance will not pay if ...

… property damage or personal injury is involved (insurance covers digital data and software but not hardware).

… the public power supply, infrastructure or Internet connectivity goes down.

… the damage is caused by the wilful or grossly negligent action of a company representative.

Our network of experts provides support in the area of cyber prevention
Whether we are helping you with a claim or providing you with risk consulting, you can count on the support of our network of skilled experts.

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