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Prevention. Your employees’ mental health is a success factor.

Psychologically stressful situations are part of our working world. Without the skills to prevent crises, those affected can suffer over long periods, resulting in high costs. It is therefore important to take preventive action.
Saves costs and resources
Increases the attractiveness of your company
Improves employee satisfaction
Prevention of illnesses and accidents through appropriate measures
Signals that you value the health of your employees
Focus on mental health
Stress and burnout play a major role in the world of work and are a burden on many companies. With the right preventive measures, you can identify signs of mental stress in your workforce and, based on these, develop strategies to deal with such situations and reduce stress wherever possible.
Consciously take preventive action
Persistent stressful situations can become chronic and thus promote the onset of mental illness. Create awareness. Burnout does not happen overnight. Stress is sustained and high, and if warning signs are recognized early enough, long-term consequences and prolonged sick leave can be avoided
Helvetia is there to help you:
  • Make your employees aware of issues such as stress and mental strain
  • Communicate and evaluate suitable measures in cooperation with partners
  • Provide individual training for employees on how to deal with stress
  • Strengthen your company's ability to respond adequately to change and adjust accordingly

Preventive measures for the mental health of your employees

Every employee absence that can be avoided saves costs and effort. This makes your company more attractive and increases employee satisfaction. Take appropriate measures to prevent illnesses and accidents among your employees
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