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Haftung & Sachversicherungen

Property and casualty. Optimum protection for property and assets.

With the right insurance coverage, your company is protected against financial losses, and you can focus on your core business.

For your financial safety

Public and professional liability

Protects your company if third parties incur damage due to you, your employees, your buildings or your products.
Your advantage
All-round protection for your assets.
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Sureties and guarantees

The surety insurance takes over joint and several guarantees and warranties given by companies to third parties.
Your advantage
You get financial room and are able to win the confidence of new customers.
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Payment protection insurance

With a payment protection insurance, you can secure the solvency of your customers even in difficult situations and offer them the necessary security.
Your advantage
Maintenance of the customer relation­ship through finan­cial aid
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Legal protection

Protects your company against the financial consequences of a legal dispute and provides support in the form of comprehensive legal advice.
Your advantage
Security for all legal issues.
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For your inventory

Property insurance

Provides financial protection for losses to your goods or equipment resulting from unforeseen events.
Your advantage
Protection for your inventory – items entrusted to you by customers or employees are also insured.
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Technical insurance

Complete protection against all technical risks for all equipment, machinery and IT systems.
Your advantage
Protection for your technical infrastructure – rented or leased equipment and plant are also insured.
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Cyber Insurance

The increasing networking of IT equipment, machines and systems raises efficiency – but also the risk of cyber-crime. Companies can protect themselves with Cyber Insurance.
Your advantage
Compensation for financial losses caused by data loss, manipulation or data protec­tion breaches.
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Art insurance

Protect your valuable works of art such as paintings, sculptures or antiques.
The advantages for you
Extensive cover for your artworks.
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Helvetia KMU-Check

Arrange the right cover for your company

Position your company properly for the future. We help you find the right cover for you and your employees.

For buildings and structures

Buildings insurance

Covers damage to your buildings caused, for example, by storms, fire, burglary or other unforeseen events.
Your advantage
Security for your investment.
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Photovoltaic insurance

Insure your long-term investment in solar power against costly losses.
The advantages for you
Your investment in the system is protected over the long term.
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Geothermal probe insurance

Insure yourself and your equipment against expensive failures and follow-up costs.
The advantages for you
Your principal repayments remain on track in the event of a claim.
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Construction and assembly insurance

Companies involved in assembly or as the principal in construction projects can insure themselves against potential hazards and their financial risks during projects.
Your advantage
financial protection for all the parties involved in the building project
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Protection on the go


Provides financial protection for you and your employees in the event of short-term rebookings, cancellations or company car breakdowns.
Your advantage
All-round protection before and during your business trips.
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