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Buildings insurance

Buildings used by the company and investment properties alike are a fundamental component of a company's assets. This makes it all the more important to have comprehensive buildings insurance which provides protection in the event of a claim. Buildings insurance ensures that companies are always covered in the event of property damage due to storm, fire and other unforeseen events.
Insurance protection for the whole building
24-hour assistance in emergencies
Top-up to cantonal insurance
Fast and reliable claims handling
Risk analysis and professional, compre­hensive advice

Why is buildings insurance advisable?

High water, flooding or burglary can cause substantial damage to a building and have serious implications for a company's continued existence. Ultimately, not only damage to the building itself, but also consequential losses such as the clearance costs or the loss of rental income can jeopardize a company's very survival. Buildings insurance provides protection against heavy financial losses in the event of a claim. As a supplement to the compulsory cantonal buildings insurance which, in most cantons, covers fire and damage by natural forces, Helvetia offers protection against additional risks. In cantons with compulsory cantonal buildings insurance, the boundary stipulations made by the cantons must be observed.

A brief guide to commercial buildings insurance

The insured events and items are

  • Building including structural and business facilities such as technology and infrastructure
  • Supplementary insurance cover in addition to cantonal buildings insurance
  • Parts of the building not covered by cantonal buildings insurance
  • Costs in connection with a cable or pipe breakage, including detection, exposure and repair
  • Follow-up costs and loss prevention costs
  • Building's surroundings such as gardens
  • Equipment and materials belonging to the building
  • Loss of rental income and loss of revenue
  • Damage caused to the building by graffiti sprayers and vandals or malicious damage

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Which other products complement buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance offers property owners protection in the event of a claim. The business insurance package for SMEs combines other products in a single policy, for total insurance protection: