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Buildings liability insurance

Buildings liability insurance offers the business reliable protection against the financial consequences of losses caused by third parties. This means companies are also properly protected against claims for property damage or bodily injury.
Protection when third parties cause damage to a property
24-hour assistance in emergen­cies
Advice in branches of law affecting the insured property
Fast and reliable claims handling
Free legal information on all matters

Why is Buildings liability insurance insurance advisable?

Buildings liability insurance insurance is an important safeguard, because the owner is liable if his properties are the cause of bodily injury or property damage. To avoid potentially devastating financial burdens, Buildings liability insurance insurance for companies is a wise supplement to buildings insurance. As well as damage to the building itself, the company is also protected against financial claims by third parties.

A brief guide to Buildings liability insurance

Who should take out Buildings liability insurance insurance?

Buildings can be an important component of a company's capital. Damage caused to third parties by a property can result in financial claims which are damaging to the company. Therefore, it is important for every owner of a commercial or residential building to take out cover against such claims.

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Which other products complement the insurance?

To obtain total insurance protection and protect against additional risks, business owners can supplement Buildings liability insurance insurance with other products. The business insurance package for SMEs offers a combination of number of products in a single policy: