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How do I insure my allotment?

In the summer the allotments are each a hive of activity. Amateur gardeners enjoy their time in the open air and passionately care for their vegetable and flower beds. But have they also given their insurance coverage any thought? What happens when damage occurs as a result of bad weather or theft?

31 August 2017, text: Anja Kobelt, photo: iStock

Several allotments surrounded by trees and shrubs.
Idyllic: An allotment landscape with plenty of room to relax. But what happens if the plot is suddenly damaged?

An allotment offers the ideal opportunity for town-dwellers in particular to spend some time in the fresh air. The allotments are let by the plot and can be designed and planted by the users virtually as they please. Allotments are the in-thing: Switzerland's biggest allotment association, the “Schweizer Familiengärtner-Verband”, has over 24,000 members – and growing.

But the joy of gardening can quickly be lost in the event of loss or damage. Allotments are frequently hit by heavy storms or bad weather, and time and again entire groups of allotments are destroyed by fire. As the allotments are usually easily accessible, thieves can also get up to their usual mischief. The costs of loss and damage can easily soar, so it is well worth giving some thought in advance to an insurance policy for your own garden plot.

Which insurance policies make sense?

The allotment summer house can also be covered through the household contents insurance. The contents of permanently established allotment summerhouses are also covered by household contents insurance. Damage and losses caused by theft, glass breakage, water, fire and natural forces are covered.

On the other hand, vegetable beds and fruit trees are not covered by household contents. It's worth taking out a garden contents insurance policy, to be on the safe side for your garden plot as well. This is available as a supplement to the household contents or home buildings insurance and covers the garden against damage caused by natural forces or fire. In the event of damage to trees, bushes or flowers, the insurance policy covers the costs of clearance, replacement and maintenance.