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Carefree skiing holidays

The snow lures many into the mountains to go skiing. But how can we protect ourselves and which insurance policy makes sense. Helvetia has exactly the right answers to this question: Andrea Zinsli was a professional skier in his younger days. Today, as Sales Manager at the Helvetia General Agency in Chur, he advises customers on questions of insurance and pensions and he knows which forms of cover are right for them.

13 February 2018, author: Hansjörg Ryser & Natascha Fabian, photos: Helvetia

A skiier leaps into the air. Blue sky in the background and snow on the ground.
Enjoy carefree skiing holidays with the right coverage.

How are skiers best protected?

With all-round cover from Helvetia, skiers – but everyone else as well - are easily and conveniently covered against a variety of risks. Home contents, private liability, assistance and legal expenses insurance policies with a few important supplementary cover options provide comprehensive insurance coverage for the whole family, both on and off the slopes.

How has this all-round coverage helped you as a skier?

Fortunately I have not had any significant incidents so far. In contrast, an acquaintance of mine bought a season ticket and had an accident just ahead of the ski season. Helvetia reimbursed the costs. And another acquaintance broke his carbon fibre ski poles in the scramble at the Engadin Ski Marathon. Helvetia reimbursed him for the replacement of the poles costing over 400 Swiss francs, minus his deductible, through the «all risks» element of the all-round coverage.

Many people will be enjoying skiing holidays in the coming weeks. What should they pay particular attention to when it comes to insurance?

For families, it is particularly useful to have an assistance insurance policy. In this way, cancellation costs are covered if, for example, their children fall ill and their holidays have to be cancelled or they have to travel home earlier than expected. People also often forget that they may suffer damage not just because of their own misfortune but also as a result of someone else’s actions. The all-round coverage is there for that too, while on holiday and beyond, for the entire duration of the insurance.

Are there any special criteria for ski racers?

The same risks apply for ski racers, but they are considerably higher. So it as important to make sure that the sums insured are big enough in each case. Amateurs and top athletes alike should also ensure that they are adequately insured against loss of income if they fall ill or have an accident.

Ski insurance for ski breakage and theft

When you rent skis or a snowboard you are often recommended to take out insurance. Instead of taking out ski insurance, it is worth taking a look at your home contents insurance. Most Swiss people have cover for «simple theft out-and-about», which includes their hand luggage and skis or snowboard – although there is a deductible. In the event of broken skis, Helvetia covers the damage by its «all risks» supplementary insurance or – in the case of rented skis – by its private liability insurance.

Ein Mann lächelt in die Kamera und hält den Daumen nach oben. Er befindet sich in den Bergen und trägt ein Skihelm mit Brille.

Andrea Zinsli is Sales Manager at the Helvetia General Agency in Chur. As a professional skier in the nineties he competed in the Olympics, held the title of Swiss Champion several times and won a bronze medal at the Junior World Championships.

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