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Ratgeber Einkauf in die Pensionskasse

Pension fund purchases. Are they worthwhile?

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If you work part-time, take time off to look after children or simply want to take a break from work, you are likely to have shortfalls in your pension fund cover. The voluntary purchase of additional pension fund benefits can make up for this.

What is a voluntary purchase of additional pension fund benefits?

Your future retirement savings are usually built up by means of annual retirement credits. Employees’ contributions are deducted directly from their salaries, with the employer paying in at least the same amount. If you want to enhance your retirement savings to make up for a shortfall in cover, you can do so by voluntarily purchasing additional pension fund benefits.

Is it worthwhile making such purchases?

Together with the first pillar (OASI/DI), the pension paid by your pension fund (second pillar) is intended to secure your accustomed standard of living and give you total pension income of around 60% of your previous salary. If you have any shortfalls in cover, voluntary purchases of additional pension fund benefits may be worthwhile. As a result of such a purchase, the retirement benefits are increased and the benefit coverage is improved and – depending on the benefit plan – the risk benefits are enhanced as well.

How much can I pay in?

The maximum possible purchase amount can be found in the personal insurance certificate sent to you by your pension fund. Your pension fund can tell you whether and to what extent benefit purchases are possible in each individual case. Pension funds often set minimum amounts for voluntary purchases.

On top of that, there are other important conditions you have to meet. For instance, if you have already made an advance withdrawal to finance the purchase of residential property, you must repay that before making any voluntary benefit purchases.

Good to know
Can I save taxes with benefit purchases?

If you purchase additional benefits with your pension fund, you can claim the amount invested as a tax deduction. The potential for making purchases can often be quite large. In that case, it can make sense to spread the purchase over several years. To determine quickly and easily how much tax you will save, you can use our online calculator.

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How often is it possible to purchase additional pension fund benefits?

As a rule, your pension fund’s regulations apply. That is why you should talk with your pension fund before making any purchases. The regulations often set minimum purchase amounts. And, depending on the total amount of the purchase, it is possible to individually plan the payment amounts and dates of payment.

According to a Federal Supreme Court ruling of January 2021, if you purchase pension fund benefits, a three-year blocking period applies to later capital withdrawals. Be sure to bear that in mind if you intend later on to draw your retirement savings as a capital benefit.

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Our customer advisors can provide answers to selected FAQs. Just tell us what you want to know. We will be happy to help you.

Manuela H. (63), Visp

How much money should I have in my pension fund?

There’s no simple answer to that. But the fact is that pension fund savings are among many people’s biggest assets. And they are often unaware of this because the savings are built up gradually over the many years of their working lives.

A glance at your pension fund insurance certificate will give you a good idea of the current status of your retirement savings. It also shows the corresponding retirement pension based on your projected retirement savings. If you assume that the OASI pension and pension fund pension together should comprise around 60% of your previous salary, you can work out the required amount of retirement capital. A personalized pension analysis is key to determining whether you have any benefit shortfalls and to finding suitable solutions.


Remo Del Malandrino

Pension and Financial Advisor

Remo K. (54), Allschwil

What is the best time to purchase benefits?

Purchases usually make sense with a view to retirement and based on the relevant pension planning. Then you can make targeted voluntary payments into your pension fund, provided you have the available means to finance them. If you spread your purchases over several years, you not only increase your pension but can also save taxes. About ten to eight years prior to retirement is a good time to do this.

If you want to receive all or part of your retirement savings as a capital benefit, you must make your final purchase no later than three years before retirement. Otherwise you will have to repay the taxes you saved with the purchases.


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Market Manager Pensions and Finance

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