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Stefanie Jann

Our apprenticeships: Start your career at Helvetia

You have finished your compulsory schooling and are now ready to embark on a career? Our modern apprenticeships enable you to lay the foundations for a successful career!

Commercial assistant in private insurance

The three-year commercial apprenticeship in the insurance sector gives you the best possible preparation for the apprenticeship exams and the world of work.
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Graphic designer

This four-year apprenticeship as a graphic designer will prepare you optimally for success in this creative environment.
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Information technology

In the age of digitalization, information technology is becoming ever more important. This four-year apprenticeship will equip you to succeed in this dynamic environment.
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Media technologist

The four-year apprenticeship in media technology prepares you professionally for the various aspects of communications technology.
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Customer dialogue specialist

The three-year apprenticeship as a customer dialogue specialist will prepare you for communicating professionally with our customers.
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Sports apprenticeship

Are you a professional athlete and want to build up a second pillar in the insurance industry? Then you've come to the right place: we support you by offering a sports apprenticeship.
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Commercial college Placement

Are you coming from a commercial college and do you want to gain an insight into the world of work? If so, the one-year commercial college placement is just right for you.
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