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Luka Stolic

Apprenticeship in information techno­logy AFC

In the age of digitalization, information technology is becoming ever more important. This four-year apprenticeship will equip you to succeed in this dynamic environment.

What awaits you in the apprenticeship as an information technologist AFC

The apprenticeship in information technology can you choose in specializing in application development or systems engineering.

The information technology apprenticeship starts in August and is offered in the subject areas of systems engineering and application development. It can be taken with or without a vocational Matura. In addition to the practical experience you will gain in the company, you will broaden your theoretical knowledge in vocational school throughout the entire duration of your apprenticeship.

Fun in the analogue network

The information technology apprenticeship is supplemented with various events and occasions. At the StartCamp, you will meet like-minded individuals who will share their enthusiasm, enjoyment and interests with you. When you attend the General Assembly in the second year of your apprenticeship you will gain completely new insights into the company. And in your third year, preparations take place for your final apprenticeship exams, which will then be duly celebrated. You will also be able to cultivate your network away from the computer – at the annual New Year apéro event. Because what's important is: while (event) { have_fun(); }

Ready to take up the challenge?

Can you imagine launching yourself into a dynamic vocational field and learning lots of new things? If so, you have the right qualities to start your apprenticeship with us.

The information technology apprenticeship at a glance
Model information technology