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Luka Stolic

Commercial college placement

Are you coming from a commercial college and do you want to gain an insight into the world of work? If so, the one-year commercial college placement is just right for you.

What awaits you in the college placement

With your commercial knowledge, you have the opportunity as a commercial college placement student to expand the basic commercial training you have acquired at college during a year at Helvetia. You can work in a variety of exciting support functions such as recruitment, branding, the service centre or human resources.

Learning, gaining practical experience, networking and having fun – there is never a dull moment at Helvetia

During your placement, you will complete an interdisciplinary project and two work and learning case studies. You will also expand your theoretical knowledge of the insurance industry via external courses and internal industry information. At Helvetia, we set great store by social interaction. Various events such as StartCamp, the Annual Assembly, a variety of workshops and the FitforExams Camp provide the opportunity to make new contacts and cultivate friendships during your placement.

Help design your commercial college placement

Our modular structure allows you to design your commercial college placement to suit to your own interests. Here’s how it works: Some modules are compulsory and others are optional. So if you want to be a bit more creative, for example, you can apply your digital native know-how to a social media project. Or if you fancy improving your foreign language skills, you can spend a few months in a different language region abroad or in Switzerland as part of your training programme. But even the compulsory modules still leave room for fun! For example, there’s the Start Camp, an event you take part in with other apprentices from all over Switzerland, or opportunities to focus on a specific theme in the context of your working and learning situation. We offer a wide range of courses because we recognize the importance of enabling you to help design your placement individually according to your personal interests and strengths.


The salary for a commercial college placement is CHF 2,040 per month (x 12 months).

Want to get going? Ready to take up the challenge?

If you are open to new opportunities and enjoy the insurance industry, apply now!

The same applies to our young talents: work up to 100% in the FlexOffice.
The commercial college placement at a glance
Model coomercial college placement