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The Young Insurance Professional VBV training course

You've graduated from high school or a vocational baccalaureate school (BMS) and are looking to start a career in insurance? Then the 18-month Young Insurance Professional VBV programme is right for you.

Prerequisites for the programme Young Insurance Professional

The Young Insurance Professional (YIP) programme is usually recommended for candidates that have just completed high school or obtained their vocational baccalaureate.

Are you also interested in gaining a foothold in the insurance industry and gaining your first professional experience? If you successfully complete the Young Insurance Professional VBV course, you have various options to choose from. 

Goals of the Young Insurance Professional programme

How the programme is organized

Semester 1

Kick-off in Bern with trainees and YIPs, introduction to business operations, practice: on-the-job learning in different types of insurance department and theory (monthly school blocks and independent study).

Semester 2

Practice in the workplace, Inspiration Day I with Helvetia & SUVA YIPs and theory (independent study and monthly school blocks).

Semester 3

Practice in the workplace, Inspiration Day II with Helvetia & SUVA YIPs, volun­teer work, theory (indepen­dent study and monthly school blocks) and comple­tion of exams for Young Insurance Professional VBV certification.
More on the certification

End of 18th month

Completion of exams for Young Insurance Professional VBV certification, where possible the move to perma­nent position or start of a further-education option or course of study.
More on the certification

Help design your YIP programme

Thanks to our modular structure, you have the opportunity to design your YIP programme according to your interests. The programme consists of compulsory and optional modules. And both leave plenty of room for fun. What we class as compulsory modules include, for example, those where you take part in the kick-off event attended by all YIPs and trainees or where you impress customers with your communication skills in the context of your work and apprenticeship situation. You can also express yourself creatively, for example by getting involved in social media projects. Or you can use your organizational skills to stage an event. We offer a wide range of courses because we recognize the importance of enabling you to help design your apprenticeship individually according to your personal interests and strengths.

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FAQs on the Young Insurance Professional programme