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Helvetia technische Versicherung

Technical insurance

Property damage to IT systems, work equipment and machines or during building projects can occur suddenly and without warning. This risk can seriously affect companies and cause downtime. If this happens, you are covered by commercial technical insurance, which protects you against financial loss.
Straightforward claims processing
Personal on-the-spot advice from our specialists
Comprehensive cover packages and blanket solutions
New value compensation up to five years
Special solutions for registered work machinery

Why is technical or builder’s risk insurance advisable?

Functioning machines, IT systems and technical systems are vital to efficient work processes. Because of this, unforeseen damage to or failure of this equipment is a costly setback. A combination of electronics and machinery insurance, technical insurance provides needs-aligned cover if technical equipment is damaged or destroyed, including comprehensive cover for mobile and transportable devices. For builders, builder’s risk insurance, combining builder’s risk and client’s public liability insurance, also offers financial protection for all the parties involved in the building project.

A brief guide to Technical insurance

For which companies is technical insurance recommended?

Hardly any business can get by without technology these days. Whether in manufacturing facilities or in the service industry, office technology and machines play a fundamental role and must function smoothly, Businesses must be properly protected against the risk of system failure.

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Which other products complement the insurance?

To achieve comprehensive insurance protection, business owners should make sure they choose a holistic solution. Technical insurance provides businesses with solid, basic cover, which can be flexibly supplemented with a business insurance product for SMEs: