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Dog owner’s liability insurance

Many dog owners don’t expect their pet to do anything bad. If your dog should nevertheless cause damage you can protect yourself with liability insurance from Helvetia.

How do you take out dog owner’s liability insurance?

At Helvetia it is not necessary to take out separate dog owner’s liability insurance. Private liability insurance covers you for any damage your dog causes to other people, animals or their property.

Is liability insurance mandatory for dogs?

Most cantons in Switzerland require dog owners to take out liability insurance. The scope of cover can range between CHF 1-5 million francs, depending on the cantonal law.

What does dog owner’s liability insurance cover?

Damage to rental flats

Damage to rental property caused by your dog is covered under private liability insurance. This includes scratched parquet floors or damage to walls or wallpaper.

Injury caused to other animals or persons

If your dog bites the postman or another dog while out on a walk, private liability insurance covers any resulting hospital or veterinary costs.

Property damage incurred by third parties

If your pet chews your friend’s shoes or destroys your neighbour’s garden, Helvetia will cover the damage.

Traffic accidents caused by dogs

It happens quite frequently that dogs see a cat and run into the road unexpectedly. This can result in accidents and high claims for compensation. It is a good idea to be insured against cases like these.

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