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Ratgeber Unterschiede Vollkasko vs. Teilkasko

Differences between partial casco and comprehensive insurance

You want to insure your car but you don’t know which type of insurance is right for you? In addition to mandatory car liability insurance, Helvetia also offers partial casco and comprehensive insurance.

What is the difference between partial casco and comprehensive insurance?

Both partial casco and comprehensive insurance cover damage to your own car that is not covered by a third party's liability insurance.

Partial casco insurance covers the cost of, for example, damage caused by martens, rockfall or hail. In short, any damage to your car that is not caused by you is included in partial casco insurance.

The difference between partial casco and comprehensive insurance is that with comprehensive insurance cover, you are also insured for damage you cause yourself. For example, if you brake too late and collide with the car in front of you, the costs for repair or a replacement car are only covered by the insurance company if you have comprehensive insurance. Your liability insurance covers the cost of damage to the other vehicle.

A comparison of the benefits of partial casco and comprehensive insurance:

Find out in which cases you are covered by partial casco or comprehensive insurance.

Partial casco pays in the event of:

  • Damage caused by storm, hail, high water, landslide, avalanche, snow pressure and falling rocks
  • Snow falling from roofs and branches falling under the weight of snow
  • Damage caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
  • Glass breakage of windscreen, side, rear or roof windows
  • Malicious damage such as breaking off wing mirrors or slashing tyres.
  • Fire and consequential losses resulting from fire-fighting operations
  • Theft
  • Accidents involving wild animals
  • Damage caused by martens

Comprehensive insurance pays:

  • For all benefits available with partial casco insurance
  • For damage you cause to your car yourself – e.g. in the event of a rear-end collision or scraping a post

When is it worthwhile taking out comprehensive insurance and when is partial casco insurance adequate?

Comprehensive insurance is usually mandatory for leased vehicles. If you have a new car or you simply want to play safe, you’ll be covered in depth with a comprehensive insurance policy.

For a car that is getting a bit old and is therefore not worth much any more, partial casco cover is generally enough. However, this decision depends on your individual needs.

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