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Parking damage insurance. Optimum cover for your car.

Key points at a glance
Even for someone who takes great care of their car, the risk of parking damage is omnipresent and practically unavoidable. Scratches or even dents that others cause to your parked car are very annoying. Parking damage insurance covers these costs.

What is parking damage? What is a collision?

You park your car, come back from doing your shopping and notice that there is a scratch on the paintwork. It's not clear who caused the damage – there's nobody about. In this case, insurance companies class it as parking damage.

If, on the other hand, you yourself damage your vehicle while parking, it is not a case of parking damage, but a collision. If you have taken out fully comprehensive insurance, this will cover the costs caused.

What is parking damage insurance?

Parking damage insurance is a type of supplementary cover that you can integrate into your partially or fully comprehensive insurance. As a rule, any damage to your car for which someone else is at fault must be covered by the liability insurance of the party responsible for the damage. If that person is unknown, however, your parking damage insurance will cover the costs.

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Who is parking damage insurance suitable for?

Parking damage insurance mainly makes sense for new cars, especially if the vehicle is leased or often parked in public places.

Who pays when a vehicle is damaged while parked?

As a rule, any damage is covered by the liability insurance of the party responsible for the damage. If, however, it is not known who is responsible for the damage, the costs are covered by the parking damage insurance.

What do I need to do after my vehicle has been damaged while parked?

If you notice any parking damage to your vehicle, report this to your insurance company as soon as possible – online or by telephone.

What do I need to know about motor vehicle liability insurance?

In Switzerland, all motor vehicle drivers are required by law to have liability insurance. Motor vehicle liability insurance gives you financial cover against any loss, damage or injury that you cause to other property or people with your car.

In addition to compulsory liability insurance, our experts also recommend taking out partially or fully comprehensive insurance, depending on your vehicle. Our article explains the difference.

Who pays when parking damage is caused in a hit-and-run?

Parking damage insurance covers any damage to your vehicle caused by unknown third parties.

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Patrick M. (33), Chur

I have damaged a parked vehicle. What should I do?

If you cause damage to another vehicle, then wait for the owner. If you do not have time to wait, then report the incident to the police and leave a note containing your contact details. As a rule, your liability insurance will pay for the damage that you have caused.


Philippe Casal

Customer Advisor

Melanie A. (43), Kloten

My parked car has been damaged. What should I do?

If you are unable to determine the party responsible for the damage, contact your insurance company immediately. Your parking damage insurance will cover the costs incurred.

Michele Micchetti

Customer Advisor

Martin E. (29), Sursee

Which vehicles can I insure against parking damage?

You can take out parking damage insurance for all cars no more than seven years old. Motorcycles can also be insured against parking damage up until their fifth year in service.


Alain Titz

Customer Advisor

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