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Promotion of home ownership. Invest pension assets in a home of your own.

Lenders usually require homebuyers to provide at least 20 percent of the purchase price as equity. Nevertheless, for the purpose of financing residential property, it is possible to withdraw 2nd and 3rd pillar pension capital in advance or pledge it. Helvetia explains how it works.

Financing your own home with an advance withdrawal from the pension fund

You can use your retirement savings ("termination benefit") from the pension fund (2nd pillar) to buy or build your own home.

You can withdraw 2nd pillar capital in advance if...

... the residential property is to be solely or co-owned by you, or jointly owned by you and your spouse or registered partner.

… you use it to pay back a mortgage loan.

… you use it to acquire unit certificates in a housing cooperative.

… you invest in your existing owner-occupied property to enhance its value.

You cannot withdraw 2nd pillar capital in advance if...

... the capital is used to finance holiday or second homes.

Our tips about the advance withdrawal from the 2nd pillar

Minimum amount

The minimum amount for advance withdrawals from the 2nd pillar is CHF 20,000.


Advance withdrawals can be requested every five years and only up to three years prior to retirement age.

Voluntary purchases

Voluntary purchases can be withdrawn in advance for the financing of residential property no earlier than three years after they were made.

Consent of your partner

If you are married or live in a registered partnership, you will require the written consent of your spouse or partner to make an advance withdrawal.


The payment will be made by your pension fund directly to the seller or lender. It is prohibited by law for the pension assets to be paid out to you.

Frequently asked questions about the advance withdrawal from the 2nd pillar

Financing your own home with an advance withdrawal from pillar 3a

At least the first ten percent of the acquisition price may not be financed from occupational pension assets, but must come from personal savings. Pillar 3a assets can also be used for this purpose.

Clarify the withdrawal options at an early stage

We recommend talking to your mortgage provider and insurer in good time. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn or pledged differs depending on the pillar 3a product.

Check benefit adjustments

Any pillar 3a insurance benefits lost because of an advance withdrawal should also be reviewed and, where necessary, made up.
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Pledge of 2nd and 3rd pillar retirement assets

A possible alternative to a direct advance withdrawal is to pledge retirement savings.
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