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Anja Zimmermann
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Anja Zimmermann
Anja Zimmermann
Acting sustainably and planning ahead – that’s the basic approach at Helvetia.

We eagerly anticipate the future as we continue to build on the success of the past 160 years. What have we set out to do? To provide our customers with an even more personal service, to discover new possibilities and to exploit the opportunities of digitalization. Or to sum this up in terms of a strategic triad: Agility, Innovation and Customer focus. Let us set off together!

Expedition Helvetia: Continuing to develop our culture together

What does "Agility. Innovation. Customer focus" mean to us in practice? 20 members of staff from various departments responded to the call to "become our cultural explorers" and examine the cultural behaviour patterns at Helvetia. The search for answers raises some interesting questions: Where we are already agile? What obstacles stand in the way of our desire to strengthen our customer focus? Why is it easier to innovate in some areas than in others?

During their "Helvetia expedition" our cultural explorers not only conducted interviews, but also got to know new colleagues and other areas of the business. The insights gained from the interviews were used to formulate hypotheses for self-critical reflection on our behaviour patterns and attitudes.

Discussing the hypotheses provides a good basis for the further development of our company. The discussion can also make a decisive contribution toward the implementation of the Helvetia20.20 Strategy. In the meantime, more than 2,000 Helvetia employees have taken the opportunity to actively provide feedback on the hypotheses developed.

Design Thinking

Cultural change on all levels

Our cultural explorers' analysis is just the beginning. To actively address the hypotheses together, we set up our own exchange and workshop formats at our sites:

Boldly heading for the future

We are convinced that a successful cultural change can only be brought about together. Courage, openness to new ideas and the ability to critically question existing structures and ourselves are therefore qualities that we particularly appreciate in our current and future employees.

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