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Pension fund statement. Your insurance certificate in simple terms.

Your pension fund makes available your current insurance certificate at least once a year. It gives you an overview of all the benefits you are entitled to under your occupational benefit scheme.

What is the insurance certificate?

The insurance certificate provides an overview of all the benefits you are entitled to under your occupational benefit scheme. Each year, an updated pension certificate is made available to all insured persons.

Key figures on your insurance certificate:

  • Insured salary
  • Annual pension fund contributions for the employee and employer
  • Expected old-age savings upon retirement
  • Benefits in the event of disability or death
  • Purchases and potential for purchases in the pension fund
  • Benefits in the event of early retirement

How your pension fund statement is structured

Good to know

The figures will change by the time you retire.

The current insurance certificate is based on your current income, your current pension fund solution and on the current rate of interest and legislation. The basic rule is that: the closer you are to retirement, the more accurate the figures are. The conversion rate can also change over time. It is relevant for converting your capital into a retirement pension, provided you prefer a pension to a capital withdrawal. An advance withdrawal for buying your own home, an increase in your old-age savings via a voluntary purchase or a division of old-age savings as a result of divorce can affect your benefits.

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When do I receive my insurance certificate?

As soon as it has been notified by your employer of the current salary data for all employees, the pension fund can issue you with your updated insurance certificate. This generally happens at the start of the year. Your pension fund will made available your personal insurance certificate directly. The information in your certificate is usually valid as at the first of January of the respective year.


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Customer Advisor

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Where can I order my insurance certificate?

The insurance certificate is always a snapshot in time and refers to the date on which it was updated. If, for example, you were to change your degree of employment or take on a new role during the year and this were to result in a change in your salary, then this would impact the benefits due to you from the pension fund. Similarly, if you make voluntary purchases into the pension fund or withdraw assets for owner-occupied residential property, or if your current retirement credit were to be split following a divorce, this also leads to a change in benefits. In such cases it can make sense to request an up-to-date insurance certificate. You can ask your pension fund to provide you with one.


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