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Five tips for subletting

The holidays have begun and many people are using their free time to go on holiday and to discover new places. In the meantime, their apartments at home are empty. The perfect opportunity to offer another holidaymaker somewhere authentic to stay, don’t you think? Here are five important tips for the subletting of rooms and how to insure them.

28 March 2018, author: Mirjam Arnold, photo: iStock

The picture shows the handover of a front door key. In the background is an apartment door.
Before handing over the keys, you should note few points, so that you are well insured against any damage when subletting rooms or apartments.

Airbnb has become more and more popular in recent years. Earning a little money on the side when you’re on holiday, for example, sounds very tempting. If you are thinking about making your apartment available to other people, you should pay heed to the following points:

Landlord questions

Subletting is permissible in principle, but must be agreed with the landlord and comply with the landlord’s rules.

Who is liable?

As the tenant, you are liable to the landlord for any loss or damage. If, for example, a window gets broken, you will have to pay for it, as a rule.

Private liability cover advisable

Some providers, such as Airbnb for example, offer host guarantees against such damage. Even so, it is advisable to take out private liability insurance. It also means that you are insured if a guest comes to harm in your apartment. In addition, supplements to the private liability insurance such as “waiver of gross negligence” and “all risks” are sensible in this situation.

Damage to your furnishings. Avoid a cover shortage

Host guarantees do also apply in principle to damage to furnishings. In any case, it is important that you set the sum insured in your contents insurance policy high enough. People often underestimate the value of their own possessions. In the event of a cover shortage, you may suffer reductions in the terms of damage.

Commercial letting

If you want to let a room commercially, your insurance will have to be modified. In this case, you should contact an insurance advisor.