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Backup strategy for your SME

As the shift towards digitalization continues, handling data correctly is becoming increasingly important for SMEs. A loss of data, through an IT failure, a fire or flood in the server room or a cybercrime attack, could threaten the existence of a business.

How can I protect my business from ransomware?

The answer lies in a well-considered backup strategy. Cyber attacks through encryption Trojans, also referred to as ransomware, are steadily increasing. In these attacks, all of the data of a business is encrypted through malware and then the hackers demand a ransom to decrypt it again. You should never pay this ransom as you would be promoting crime without any certainty of actually receiving the decryption code. We will show you the measures you can take to protect your business data with a structured, comprehensive backup strategy and avoid large data losses and operational disruptions.
Helvetia Cyber-Versicherung
Cyber Insurance
Helvetia Cyber Insurance will complete your company's risk management as a complement to the technical and organizational measures you take. Get in touch if you are interested.

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