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Helvetia General Agencies support their customers

After weeks of restrictions, the lockdown measures are now being rolled back. For many businesses, it is a step closer to normal operations. It is essential that we all follow the strict hygiene measures set out by the FOPH to ensure the situation remains manageable. This means there is great demand for disinfectant and protective masks. Helvetia is lending its customers a helping hand by donating highly useful items – and has met with great success.

8 june 2020, text: Giulia Rüegg, photos: Helvetia

Swiss craftsmanship delivered in person

At present, it is important for people to wash their hands regularly, which is why disinfection stations have popped up in building entrances everywhere. This led Daniel Ganahl, field service representative at the Thun General Agency, to devise a safe, professional way for Helvetia to help its customers return to their usual day-to-day work. Various General Agencies have delivered almost 1,000 wooden disinfection stations made from solid, natural spruce – and built by hand by regional producers – to its SME customers. This gift from Helvetia has made many customers happy and has become something of a success story, with the disinfection stations quickly gaining attention in every region.

Protective masks for SME customers

Protective masks are an essential stepping stone for bringing day-to-day life back to normal. Many businesses rely on them so that their staff can work at all. Helvetia’s employees have already received theirs, and now the General Agencies have supplied protective masks to many small businesses such as hair salons. The initiative has been warmly received: «Right now we’re thankful for any help we get, no matter how big or small», states Natascia Cassina at Salone Tiziana in Vezia (Ticino).

A small gesture with a big impact

Disinfectant and protective masks are now the new normal. Even so, it is clearer than ever how important personal interaction is for people. In a job with customer contact, understanding the needs of the customer is critical. That’s why a few Helvetia customer advisers decided to call five of their customers each day. The aim was not to drum up new business, but simply to ask them how they were doing. The customers appreciate the gesture, feel taken care of and look forward to the calls – which are often an opportunity for resolving open questions.