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Occupational benefit. Information for pension recipients.

The following information only applies to pension payments from occupational benefit schemes (pension fund).

Payment dates

Helvetia processes the payment orders on the 27th of each month, in December before the national public holidays. If this day falls on a weekend or a public holiday, processing takes place on the next working day. Payment is supposed to be on your account before the due date at your payment institution (bank or post office). The processing of incoming payments depends on your payment institution. Payment institutions in Switzerland and many abroad usually process incoming payments on the same day.

Pensions are in general paid quarterly and exclusively in advance and are due in each case on the first day of a calendar quarter. Accordingly, you will, for example, receive the pension for the months of April, May and June in the form of a payment during the final working days in the month of March. Pro rata, payments are possible, for instance if a pension entitlement arises from the month of May.

Payments to foreign countries

Transfers to payment institutes in the euro area take place in euros; transfers to countries whose national currency is British pounds or US dollars take place in pounds or dollars. Payments to other foreign countries take place in Swiss francs. The payment of Swiss francs to countries with the currencies specified is not currently possible.

Exchange rate

Pensions are converted into the foreign currency at the foreign exchange rate on the day preceding the processing of our payment order. Processing takes place one week before the expected date of receipt. Helvetia has no influence on exchange rates.


For the execution of payments, Helvetia uses the standardised and efficient SEPA process, which is already widespread far beyond euro countries. Any fees are divided in accordance with common international practice. Helvetia and the payment recipient accordingly take on any fees that arise at their own payment institute.

As Helvetia executes payments to the euro area in euros and to countries whose national currency is British pounds or US dollars in pounds or dollars, the customary fee for changing money does not apply.

Payment details

Here you will find the details for payment transactions:

Helvetia Group Foundation
Helvetia Pris­ma Group Foundation
Helvetia LOB Invest

Confirmation for tax declaration

At the end of January, Helvetia automatically provides pension recipients who are entitled to claim a pension and who have a residential address in Switzerland with confirmation of the pensions paid in the previous year, which can be enclosed with the tax declaration. The pensions paid in the year in question are listed, not those that were due. For example, the pension for the months of January to March is included in the confirmation from the previous year, as it was transferred to the payment institute in December of the previous year.

Further development of disability insurance (IV)

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