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Online ordering - what can go wrong

Place the product in the shopping basket, enter your delivery details and choose the payment method. Now all you have to do is to confirm the order and in two to four working days there will be a parcel at your door. The whole process is easy and convenient. In spite of that, quite a lot can go wrong between ordering online and the parcel arriving at your door.

18 february 2020, text: Olena Faes, photo: Unsplash

Tiny package in a hand.
It’s annoying when your parcel doesn’t arrive. What’s to be done in that situation?

Ordered but never arrived

You’ve clicked on “Order now” and entered your payment details - now all you can do is wait. Anticipation increases day by day. But the parcel simply does not arrive. You’re dismayed to find that not only has there been no delivery, but that your money has gone too. Or perhaps not? If you have taken out the additional cover in your household contents insurance for “Cyber losses arising from the use of internet technologies”, you are covered for such an event.

Additional cover Cyber

Cyber cover insures you against damage arising from use of the Internet. Examples include credit card misuse and identity theft, as well as online shopping, etc.

Wrong product delivered, or it’s broken

How annoying: The order did arrive but the contents were damaged or the wrong product was delivered. If you notice the damage when you receive the parcel you can refuse to accept it. Then you should let the seller know and give a reason why you rejected the goods. Even if you don’t notice the damage until later, you can still ask the seller for the goods to be replaced or repaired. Should anything go wrong in this process, the additional insurance for “Cyber losses arising from the use of internet technologies” applies in this case too. That means that you are on the safe side if the seller suddenly no longer replies, or disputes your complaints and insists on payment.

Delivery date not adhered to – Consequences

You absolutely need a certain product for a special occasion. According to the delivery period on the website, the parcel should still reach you in time, but the delivery date changes a few times while the goods are in transit and the parcel can no longer be delivered on time. That means that the contents become unusable for you, because you needed them at a particular time. In this case you can make use of your right to return the goods. Read the seller’s website to find out how the item has to be sent back. The rules for returning goods may vary from company to company.