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Mobile phone insurance. Optimum protection for your smartphone.

It all happened so quickly. You dropped your mobile phone, and the screen shattered. A moment’s carelessness and it’s no longer in your pocket. Protect your smartphone without taking out additional insurance. Helvetia explains how.
Insure your phone simply with your household contents
Protection against theft with “simple theft away from home” cover
“Household contents all risks” covers damage of all kinds

Protect your smartphone

A smartphone has become a key part of daily life. We use it to save photos of our loved ones, contacts with old friends, personal notes, appointments and lots of other information. The devices we use every day are usually also expensive. To play it safe, consider taking out additional protection for your smartphone. But is it worth taking out additional mobile phone insurance? Instead, Helvetia can show you how you can include your smartphone very simply in your household contents insurance.
Has your smartphone been stolen or damaged?
Report your claim to us quickly and easily online.

Under 27 years of age?

Helvetia YOUniverse bietet den optimalen Versicherungsschutz ganz nach Ihren Bedürfnissen at particularly attractive premiums.

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