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Mobile phone insurance

Smartphone Insurance
Smartphone Insurance
It all happened so quickly. You dropped your mobile phone, and the screen shattered. A moment’s carelessness and it’s no longer in your pocket. Protect your smartphone without taking out additional insurance. Helvetia explains how.
  • Insure your phone simply with your household contents
  • Protect against theft with additional “simple theft away from home” insurance
  • “Household contents all risks” covers damage of all kinds
  • Calculate the premium with just a few clicks and take out insurance directly online

Protect your smartphone

A smartphone has become a key part of daily life. We use it to save photos of our loved ones, contacts with old friends, personal notes, appointments and lots of other information.

The devices we use every day are usually also expensive. To play it safe, consider taking out additional protection for your smartphone. But is it worth taking out additional mobile phone insurance? Instead, Helvetia can show you how you can include your smartphone very simply in your household contents insurance.

How is my mobile phone protected against theft?

You can protect your mobile phone against theft with household contents insurance. In the basic household contents insurance, your mobile phone is protected at home not only against theft and burglary. If a fire breaks out or a broken pipe floods your home, the repair and replacement costs will be covered by Helvetia too.

But what if your smartphone is stolen from your pocket or bag while you are out and about? The additional “simple theft away from home” insurance covers you in such a case.

Particularly when you’re abroad you rely on your smartphone. Either to find your way in a new city or to see the reviews of the restaurant next door. But smartphones are often stolen during the owner’s holiday. Additional “simple theft away from home” insurance covers the theft of your mobile phone abroad too.

How is my mobile phone protected against damage?

No matter how careful you are, minor mishaps can still happen. The smartphone can fall out of your trouser pocket or you spill your coffee on it. With the additional “Household contents all risks” insurance, your smartphone is insured against unforeseen damage of all kinds, and Helvetia will pay the costs of repair or a replacement mobile phone.

Calculate premium now

With household contents insurance you enjoy comprehensive protection for your mobile phone and other electronic devices. Calculate the premium and take out insurance with just a few clicks.

Warranty extension

For additional protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, you can take out the additional “warranty extension” as part of household contents insurance. You can thus extend the warranty by a further three years and are covered if a device no longer works owing to design, materials, manufacturing or calculation errors. The warranty extension applies to all devices with a minimum value of 300 francs.

Good to know

If your friend breaks your phone

If your friend drops your mobile phone on the floor by mistake and the screen breaks, your friend’s third-party liability insurance will cover the damage.

Protection for all your household contents

The above-mentioned insurance applies not only to your mobile phone but also to all other electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, cameras and other household contents.

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