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Ratgeber Diebstahlversicherung

Theft insurance: which insurance pays?

Whether it be a smartphone, jewellery or a bicycle, it is always very annoying when cherished items are stolen. The good thing is that you can obtain immediate cover for these thefts by taking out household contents insurance, thereby saving yourself the financial hassle at least.

The A to Z of insurance: types of theft

Not every theft is the same – at least not to insurance companies. Most insurance companies distinguish between various types: robbery, burglary and simple theft. The insurance cover also differs depending on what type of theft it is.


In a robbery, personal items are taken under threat or with the use of force. If you are attacked out on the street or threatened in your home, it is a robbery. The term used, therefore, is ‘use of force against persons’.


If it involves the use of force against property, it is a burglary. This is the case if someone breaks open your front door or smashes the window and forces their way into your home. It also counts as burglary if force is used to open other spaces (e.g. hotel rooms) or containers (e.g. safes).

Simple theft at home

In the case of simple theft, personal items are stolen without any use of force. This may be the case at home if you did not lock your front door, you accidentally failed to bolt the garage properly or you did not close the window on the ground floor.

Simple theft away from the home

Simple theft often occurs while you are out and about. The train station is crowded and once on board the train, you are suddenly missing your mobile phone. In the café, you leave your bag unattended for a short time and then it is gone, along with your laptop and purse. These incidents of pick-pocketing and theft by tricksters are subsumed under the term ‘simple theft away from the home’.

How is theft insured on your household contents insurance?

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Incidents of theft and how they are insured

Basic household insurance
Supplementary “simple theft away from the home”
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