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Tenants’ lia­bility insurance

Did you accidentally scratch the parquet floor during a move or did your children leave an artwork on the wall? Find out who has to pay for damage caused by tenants in which cases.
Automatically included when you take out private third-party liability insurance
Covers damage that you cause as a tenant
All people living in the same household are insured
Calculate premium simply online and conclude insurance directly

What is tenants’ liability insurance?

Tenants’ liability insurance covers damage that you have caused as a tenant during use of the apartment. Helvetia does not offer separate tenants’ liability insurance, however. This is because damage caused by tenants is always automatically covered by private third-party liability insurance. All persons who live in the same household are thus also insured.

Discover which damage is covered by your liability insurance, which is covered by your landlord and which damage you have to pay for yourself.

Damage caused by tenants – who pays?

Other tips

Do not organize repairs yourself

In the event of substantial damage you should always first inform your landlord and do not organize the repairs yourself. If your landlord is not satisfied with the repairs he or she may have them redone at your expense.

Apartment handover report

You do not have to pay for damage already listed in the apartment handover report. If you discover deficiencies after the apartment is handed over you can still report them within five to 30 days, depending on the landlord.

Restore the original condition

As a rule, the apartment must be handed over in the original condition. Repainted walls, a cat flap, etc. must be restored to the original condition. Changes can only be left if they have been confirmed in writing by the landlord.

Define a reduction in value

What if the scratch on the parquet floor is only small and having the whole floor sanded would be disproportionate? In this case a reduction in value can be defined, and you only need to pay for part of the repair costs. If the landlord makes unjustifiable demands, you can ask Helvetia’s specialists and claims experts to help you.

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