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Helvetia BVG Invest

Helvetia LOB Invest. The employee benefit scheme with potential returns.

Helvetia LOB Invest offers occupational pension solutions with attractive benefits. Its semi-autonomous solution is suitable for companies that prefer an efficient employee benefit scheme with attractive potential returns.
A nuanced investment strategy based on the latest market data
Potential to achieve attractive returns
Focus on sustainable investments
Attractive payment modalities
24/7 online administration with cost-related advantages
Healthy foundation structure

Who is a semi-autonomous solution suitable for?

When companies opt for Helvetia LOB Invest, they get an employee benefit scheme combining state-of-the-art pension solutions with attractive potential returns and takes investment sustainability into account. Helvetia LOB Invest is suitable for companies that would prefer not to set up their own pension fund but nevertheless want to actively shape their employees' pension arrangements.

Our benefits for you and your employees

Helvetia LOB Invest allows companies to give their employees the option of profiting from the opportunities offered by the market. It is a way for companies and their workers to profitably invest retirement savings at low cost. That gives the participating businesses an edge in a highly competitive labour market.

Is your company properly insured?

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