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For employees – information and tools

As a person insured with one of our group Foundations you will be in contact with us from time to time with matters concerning you as an employee. On this page you will find information regarding all these events and in certain cases you will even be able to complete the necessary forms directly.

Your Helvetia customer portal

The Helvetia customer portal gives you access to the documents for your pension fund. You can simulate purchases, premature withdrawals, or your early retirement and make changes.

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Entering the company

Admittance to a new pension fund

When you start work at a new company you also usually join a new pension fund as well. If you already made contributions to the occupational benefit scheme in your previous occupation you are entitled to the accrued savings assets, the so-called termination benefit or vested benefit. This must be transferred to the new pension fund. Therefore please ask your new employer to give you a payment slip and forward this to your previous pension fund and/or previous employer.

Risk assessment

In certain cases (e.g. in the case of high salaries) a risk assessment is also required upon entry to a new pension fund. If you have to undergo a risk assessment, please complete the following form:

Form - supplementary information PDF

Pension issues during employment

Purchases in the pension fund
Information sheet - purchase of pension fund benefits
Form - application to buy into pension fund PDF
Family and partnership
Information sheet - partner PDF
Form - registration of partner's pension PDF
Form - dissolution of partnership PDF
Form - change of the order of precedence of beneficiaries PDF
Information sheet - divorce PDF
Your documents
Information sheet - your insurance certificate explained PDF
Information sheet - board of trustees PDF
Form - minutes regarding the election of the board of trustees PDF
Pension fund regulations (general regulation provisions)
Helvetia Group Foundation 2019 PDF
Helvetia Group Foundation 2018 PDF
Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation (retirement capital) 2019 PDF
Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation (retirement capital) 2018 PDF
Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation (retirement pension) 2019 PDF
Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation (retirement pension) 2018 PDF
Helvetia LOB Invest Group Foundation 2019 PDF
Helvetia LOB Invest Group Foundation 2018 PDF
Incapacity to work
Form - Incapacity to Work or Earning Disability PDF
Form - Medical certificate of disability
Good to know
Information sheet - unpaid leave PDF
Form - notification of unpaid leave PDF
Information sheet - promotion of home ownership PDF
Form - promotion of home ownership PDF
Helvetia – news on the 2nd pillar
Information sheet - Swiss social insurance schemes 2019 PDF
Information sheet - Swiss social insurance schemes 2018 PDF
Security for retirement assets and pensions PDF

Leaving the company

When leaving the company you also leave the pension fund. This means you are entitled to the termination or vested benefit. Find out below what you can do with this.

Scenario 1: you enter a new pension fund

If you start a new job with a different employer you usually join the employer's pension fund at the same time as well. The vested benefit is therefore transferred from the old to the new employee benefit institution. Therefore please ask your new employer to give you a payment slip and forward this to your previous employer so that your vested benefit can be transferred.

Leaving the pension fund
Form - termination of employment PDF

Scenario 2: you need a vested benefit solution

If you are temporarily not in gainful activity (e.g. due to further training, parenthood, a stay abroad, unemployment) and you do not yet know who your next employer will be, according to the law the pension fund assets must be transferred to a vesting institution. Thus your benefit coverage in the 2nd pillar remains in place. You can also transfer your savings assets to a vesting institution if you are becoming self-employed and are no longer subject to the occupational benefit scheme. If necessary, the assets can be paid out later.

Our vested benefit solutions
Vested benefits policy
Brochure - vested benefits solutions PDF
Information sheet - unemployment PDF

Scenario 3: you request the cash payment of the vested benefit

If you become self-employed within Switzerland or if you leave Switzerland, in some special cases it is possible to have a cash payment of your vested benefit. The following information sheet will inform you of the provisions and/or limitations that you have to observe with regard to leaving Switzerland within the framework of the bilateral agreements with the EU.

Information sheet
Information sheet - bilateral agreements – Switzerland/EU PDF


What you need to know
Information sheet - capital or pension PDF
Form - capital option PDF
Information sheet - early retirement PDF
Form - purchase for early retirement PDF
Form - early retirement and partial retirement PDF
Information sheet - continued post-retirement-age insurance PDF
Form - announcement of continued post-retirement-age insurance PDF
The conversion rate - Brochure PDF
How does a pension fund work?
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