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For employers – information and administrative tools

The employers' functions in the occupational benefit scheme are many and varied. On this page you will find all the forms, information sheets and further information that you need as an employer and/or HR officer for the organization and administration of your occupational benefit scheme, set out in a clear and logical manner.

HR administration

All the forms for HR updates and further information on the individual changes at a glance.

Admittance to the pension fund
Form - Entry of a new employee PDF
Information sheet - Annual salary reporting in occupational benefit schemes PDF
Staff updates
Form - Amendments (Salary, ...) PDF
Form - Suspension or resumption of work PDF
Information sheet - Unpaid leave PDF
Form - Notification of unpaid leave PDF
Leaving the pension fund
Form - Termination of employment PDF
Information sheet - Early retirement PDF
Form - Early retirement or partial retirement PDF
Form - Announcement of death PDF
Leaflet - Incapacity to Work or Earning Disability PDF
Form - Incapacity to Work or Earning Disability PDF
Form - Medical certificate of disability
Information sheet - Bilateral agreements - Switzerland/EU PDF
The conversion rate - Brochure PDF
Information sheet - Continued post-retirement-age insurance PDF

Everything you need to know about your company's occupational benefit scheme

General information about your pension fund at a glance.

Good to know
Helvetia - News on the 2nd pillar
Information sheet - Swiss social insurance schemes 2020 PDF
Information sheet - Swiss social insurance schemes 2019 PDF
Information sheet - Unemployment PDF
Information sheet - Employee benefit accounts PDF
Information sheet - Surplus system group life PDF
Information sheet - Surplus statement PDF
Information sheet - Helvetia case management PDF
Information sheet - References LOB Helvetia PDF
Information sheet - Arguments Helvetia full insurance PDF
Information sheet - Arguments Helvetia BVG Invest PDF
Information sheet - Helvetia LOB Invest Group Foundation PDF
Brochure - Helvetia LOB Invest PDF
Brochure - Cadre occupational benefit scheme PDF
Information sheet - Security for retirement assets and pensions PDF
Information sheet - Occupational benefit scheme variations
Pension fund regulations (general regulation provisions)*
Helvetia Group Foundation 2020 PDF
Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation (retirement capital) 2020 PDF
Helvetia Prisma Group Foundation (retirement pension) 2020 PDF
Helvetia LOB Invest Group Foundation 2020 PDF

* We would like to inform you that for 2020 we have completely revised the general regulation provisions for all foundations in order to simplify them and make them easier to read. The numbered references in particular have changed, which means that the references numbering in benefit pension plans issued before 1.1.2020 no longer correspond to the numbering that in the general regulation provisions for 2020. In such cases, please refer to the subject sections.

Board of trustees
Form - Minutes regarding the election of the board of trustees PDF
Information sheet - Board of trustees PDF
Contract administration
Form - Alternation or prolongation of the contract of association PDF
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